Joss Hong, Contemporary New Zealand Jewellery

About Joss

Joss’s Asian New Zealand heritage forms a strong foundation for JOSS contemporary jewellery. She also credits her inspiration from living in London, Israel, Malaysia, Singapore, Italy and going to Art School at Barcelona where she was able to fully explore her passion for designing and crafting contemporary silver jewellery.

Living at Muriwai Beach, New Zealand she is constantly inspired by the ever changing environment and culture.














Initially Joss made jewellery for the simple pleasure of doing so. As friends, family and strangers complimented her on her creations, this sparked the desire to evolve her designs into a cohesive collection, and to create unique pieces of wearable art as a symbol for celebrating life in a new yet timeless way. Joss pieces are stocked in leading galleries throughout New Zealand.

Each Joss piece typically features the special JOSS 8, the most auspicious number in Chinese culture - associated with happiness, success and prosperity. These qualities and attitudes form the essence of JOSS. When you wear, gift or receive a piece of Joss, it is intended that a large part of this ethos will travel with you. CELEBRATE LIFE

Joss has a love of handcrafting. Her designs use handmade resin, silver and texture often with cold bonding techniques. Layers are typically incorporated reflecting ones life and interaction with different elements.

There is no doubt Joss's background, personality and outlook is directly reflected in her work; innovative designs that echo cherished symbols and values from the past.

Joss is keen for feedback and stories about Celebrating life. Feel welcome to contact Joss via Facebook, instagram or email